5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Being charged with a crime in North Carolina is a frightening experience. It’s not something you want to face without the assistance of a qualified criminal defense lawyer. The Polaris Law Firm in Salisbury, NC will do everything possible to undermine the criminal charges that have been filed against you. The only sure way to protect your legal rights is to retain a respected attorney to represent you in court.

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You should exercise particular care when choosing a defense attorney. It’s essential that you select an attorney that possesses the qualifications and experience necessary to fight the specific criminal violations with which you have been charged. Also, a good strategy is to do some research and take advantage of the free consultation offered by the Polaris Law Firm in Rowan County. A criminal suspect should begin searching for a defense attorney the moment they become the subject of a criminal investigation.

Never allow the police to search your home or workplace without a search warrant. Moreover, you shouldn’t make voluntary statements to investigators without the advice of your lawyer. Police investigators are also legally required to present an official credential prior to conducting an authorized search. You can discover the scope of an authorized search by briefly perusing the search warrant.

Additionally, criminal suspects even have the right to request that they be allowed to monitor the search. Finally, the subject of a criminal investigation should never hand over evidence, including blood samples and fingerprints, to criminal investigators without a court order.

Consider the following five tips as you search for a qualified defense criminal lawyer:

1. Don’t represent yourself

Unfortunately, a significant number of criminal defendants decide to represent themselves in court. It’s a rare occasion when self-representation produces a favorable result. Simply put, it’s a risky strategy that usually produces a guilty verdict. The most common reasons for choosing self-representation are a desire to avoid the cost of a professional legal defense or a past experience with a lawyer that didn’t go well. You’ll have no such problems with the Polaris Law Firm. We are a premier law firm that offers reasonable rates and unrivaled legal representation. Once again, the perceived financial savings associated with self-representation pales in comparison to the risk of being convicted in a criminal case.

Any criminal conviction, even a misdemeanor conviction, can make it hard to qualify for education, employment and housing. Not only can a felony conviction result in financial penalties and a prison sentence, you may lose your voting privileges and the right to own a firearm. A criminal record will also make a criminal defendant susceptible to harsher penalties in the future.

2. Consider the costs

A reputable defense lawyer provides a cost estimate for anticipated legal services to prospective clients. The estimate may include the cost for negotiating a plea deal with the prosecution, the estimated cost of a criminal trial and the details of any agreed upon payment arrangements.

3. Check references

Review several independent attorney references before making the final selection of a defense attorney. Also, there are a number of attorney rating services that can help evaluate the professional reputation of a prospective defense lawyer. Many lawyers are members of respected legal organizations, hold office in those organizations or publish articles in legal publications. These additional qualifications can be useful when assessing the reputation of a defense attorney.

4. Check qualifications

The extent of the legal experience offered by an attorney and law firm is another way to evaluate legal qualifications. The length of their legal career and the number of similar criminal cases they have handled can add additional perspective.

5. Do your research

The advertising slogans bandied about in television commercials and telephone books are a poor substitute for actual research. Also, insist on a qualified defense lawyer that allows you to be comfortable and confident.

The defendant in a criminal case shouldn’t speak to investigators prior to receiving legal counsel from a qualified defense attorney. Nevertheless, you should take the time to carefully weigh the experience and qualifications of the available lawyers. Selecting the right attorney and law firm increases the odds of being acquitted in a court of law, negotiating an acceptable plea agreement or having the charges against you dismissed altogether.

Led by principal attorney Ryan Stowe, the Polaris Law Firm is a guiding light for criminal defendants in Cabarrus, Davidson, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Davie, and Stanly counties. We strive to serve both our immediate clients and the communities where we live and serve. Also, our law firm is committed to being a beacon of positive social change. We would be proud to handle your criminal case. Even if you made a regrettable mistake, we can help you move forward in a positive direction.

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When you’re facing criminal charges, you need the assistance of a compassionate law firm. Every client is unique, and every set of circumstances is different. Moreover, the attorneys at the Polaris Law Firm understand how devastating a criminal conviction can be to you and your family. Furthermore, your life, career and financial future are in jeopardy. We intend to fight for your freedom, protect your constitutional rights, insist that you’re treated fairly, and also represent your best interests at all times. Ultimately, you can rely on the Polaris Law Firm to fight criminal charges in Rowan County NC.

Complimentary Consultation

No one wants to live with the stain of a criminal record. Still, a criminal conviction should never be allowed to define the rest of your life. You still need access to housing, employment opportunities, government assistance and other essential community resources. Obtaining an expungement with the assistance of a Polaris Law Firm attorney is one possibility. You just might qualify for an expungement that will eliminate your criminal conviction once and for all. Moreover, contact the Polaris Law firm today to schedule a free consultation.

Ryan Stowe has earned a reputation for fighting hard on behalf of Polaris Law Firm clientele. Our goal is to help you avoid the serious penalties associated with alleged traffic violations and other criminal charges. It should also be noted that a defense lawyer can’t possibly evaluate criminal charges unless you share all the relevant information. Contact the Polaris Law Firm today at 704-856-9502 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that a criminal attorney can help clear your name by expunging the record from your history so that you can live a normal life again. I hope my uncle gets his name cleared already because he hasn’t been able to find a decent job for his family because he had a robbery conviction back then. But he pointed out that it was a wrong accusation since it was a set up by the bad guys from their area that time to clear their name.

  2. You’ve got some good advice for hiring a criminal lawyer. I like how you said that you need to do some research instead of just choosing based on ads and things. I want to help my brother hire a good lawyer, so I’ll start doing some online research.

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