Businessman committing embezzlement charges.

What To Know About Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement is a theft that occurs when a person uses a position of trust or duty to take money or property. Embezzlement charges can be a state or a federal crime, and the consequences of an embezzlement conviction can be severe. If you are under i… Read More
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Policeman putting a handcuffs on criminal's hands

Facing Disorderly Conduct Charge?

Disorderly conduct, also known as disturbing the peace, is a common criminal charge in North Carolina. The crime encompasses any behavior that intentionally disturbs the peace. Disorderly conduct is commonly charged in conjunction with allegations of… Read More
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Criminal man with handcuffs being interviewed in interrogation room

What Is A Habitual Offender In NC?

Habitual offender laws, also known as three-strikes laws, impose additional penalties on people convicted of multiple crimes. A person with a prior criminal conviction and who is charged with another crime faces the possibility of harsher penalties j… Read More
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Driver license with photo. Identification or ID card template. 3D Web Vector Illustrations concept

Getting Your License Restored In North Carolina

A suspended driver’s license can make life more difficult. You face additional challenges when you need to do simple things like go to the store, travel to and from work, or maintain a social life. Fortunately, with assistance from an experienced t… Read More
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Simple modern black metal gun isolated on white background, view from above concept

Possession of A Firearm by Felon

It is illegal for a convicted felon to possess a firearm in North Carolina. If you have a prior felony conviction and violate this law, you could be charged with another felony for unlawful possession of a firearm. Felony Firearms Act Makes Possessio… Read More
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Robber penetrates house concept

What To Know About Criminal Trespass in NC

In North Carolina, trespassing occurs when a person intends to enter or stays on a piece of property without permission. Criminal intent is a significant part of North Carolina trespassing law. If you have been charged with criminal trespass in North… Read More
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Expunge of criminal record. Expungement written on a document concept.

Seeking Expungement In NC? Here’s What To Know

A criminal record, even just an arrest, can haunt you for years. In addition to having a stigma, a criminal record can make it more difficult to get a job, be accepted to college or technical school, and enter certain trades or professions. If your c… Read More
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Tucked in a belt pistol being concealed concept

Violating NC Concealed Carry Weapons Law

The Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of North Carolina protect a person’s right to bear arms. However, this right is not absolute. If you wish to carry a concealed weapon in North Carolina, you must have a permit… Read More
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Angry people men, women bullies send aggressive messages & bully sad disturbed guy. Harassing victim read messages on cell phone suffering from cyber bullying. Harassment problem flat style vector isolated illustration

Facing Charges of Communicating Threats

Communicating threats is a serious crime in North Carolina. It is one of the most common criminal charges arising from personal disputes such as domestic violence, child custody disputes, and assault charges. While Americans enjoy the right to free s… Read More
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What Happens If I Violate…

What Happens If I Violate My Probation?

The consequences of a probation violation can be quite severe. The punishment can vary considerably depending on the nature of the underlying crime, the severity of the violation, the terms of your probation, and your criminal record. You could be fa… Read More
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