Driving while License Revoked (DWLR)

Police officer writing ticket

Chances are if you're reading this your license may be revoked or suspended. In North Carolina 1 in 7 drivers have a suspended or a revoked license due to missing court or not paying court costs and fines. Driving while license revoked (DWLR) can have serious consequences for both your driving privileges and your criminal record. If your driver's license is suspended don't wait until you get pulled over for driving with a suspended license. It's always best to consult with a traffic attorney to help restore your driver's license before matters get worse.

In North Carolina there are two distinct types of driving while license revoked. Both types of driving with a suspended license are misdemeanors.

Driving while License Revoked - Not Impaired Revocation

The first and most common form of DWLR is DWLR - Not Impaired Revocation. This form of DWLR means that your license is suspended but not because of a DWI. The most common reasons this suspension occurs are:

  1. Not paying fines and court costs
  2. Too many DMV Points
  3. Missing traffic court (Failure to Appear)
  4. Not paying child support
  5. Speeding over certain speed limits
  6. Certain types of hit and run.

Driving While License Revoked - Not Impaired is a Class 3 misdemeanor punishable by up to twenty days in jail and a $200.00 fine. The best thing to do if your license is suspended is to contact a traffic attorney to clean up your driving record so that we may be able to restore your driving privileges.

Driving while License Revoked - Impaired Revocation

The most serious type of driving with a suspended license is Driving While License Revoked - Impaired Revocation. This usually occurs when your license is suspended due to a DWI conviction. Another reason people receive this type of charge is for driving without an ignition interlock device. Driving with a suspended license due to an impaired revocation is a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by 120 days in jail. Being convicted of this type of driving charge can lead to a permanent suspension of your driving privileges.

How Can I Clean Up my Driving Record?

If your driving privileges are suspended don't lose hope! Our office has helped to restore hundreds of driver's licenses here in North Carolina. For example, if you've missed court our office can reschedule your missed court date in order to restore your driver's license. Or perhaps you paid a ticket off and that caused your license to be revoked, in those cases we attempt to reopen your case with a motion for appropriate relief to fix the ticket that was paid off. Our office does a full analysis of each of our clients' driving records to determine the best path to move forward.

Driving while license revoked is a criminal charge. When facing criminal charges always retain a criminal defense attorney! Contact our firm today to help restore your driving privileges!