Criminal Defense Attorney in Rowan County

When charged with a crime, going to court is a frightening experience. When facing criminal charges you need a criminal defense attorney that will fight for your rights, and your freedom. Depending on the charge, if convicted, you could face probation, fines, or even incarceration. Accordingly, here at Stowe Law Firm, PLLC our criminal defense lawyer, Ryan Stowe will exert every skill  necessary and compassion at every step of the way to make sure you achieve the best resolution possible. As a Rowan County criminal defense attorney we have a wealth of experience. You can trust our firm to help you at every stage of the process. Whether you’ve accidentally missed a court date, nervous for your first appearance, or if you are worried about a possible trial we can help!

When facing criminal charges, always remember that you have the right to remain silent. It would also be a good idea to learn about police searches. Generally its not a good idea to consent to a police search.

These are the criminal charges we fight against:

You need to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately if you’re facing criminal charges. The earlier you retain an attorney the better. If you retain an attorney well before your first court date he or she can help you do damage control and limit how much evidence the police and the district attorney have against you. Attorneys can even give you advice on what you should do if you have a warrant for your arrest.

Remember you are innocent until proven guilty! Ryan Stowe and the Stowe Law Firm, PLLC will exhaust every legal and ethical method to challenge the prosecution in their attempts to prove your alleged guilt in the crime charged. At our firm we have been able to negotiate unique resolutions for our client’s criminal charges on their behalf. Some of these resolutions include deferred prosecution, community service, and life skills training.  We can’t make guarantees that your case will be dismissed or that you won’t receive an active sentence but we can guarantee that we will fight for you.

Finally, if you’ve been charged with a crime in Salisbury, North Carolina or surrounding cities such as Charlotte, North Carolina don’t hesitate to contact a Rowan County criminal defense attorney for a free consultation.