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A group of people committing public affray.

You Are Charged With Public Affray; What Now?

Public affray is a misdemeanor assault and battery crime that occurs when two people engage in a fight in a public place, causing terror to the public. A conviction for public affray can have serious consequences, including jail time, fines, and a pe… Read More
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Law about assault and battery and gavel concept

Defenses to Assault and Battery

Charges of assault and battery span a wide range of criminal conduct. Depending on the circumstances that led to the criminal charge, you could be facing anything from a Class 2 misdemeanor for a simple assault to a felony assault charge that could l… Read More
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Close-up of hands of a criminal offender confined in handcuffs for prison concept.

What To Do If You’ve Been Charged with Domestic Violence in NC

Domestic violence occurs when someone commits violent acts against a person with whom they have a personal relationship. North Carolina law does not have a statute that identifies a separate crime of domestic violence. Instead, assault and other crim… Read More
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What Is Assault and What Are the Penalties

Assault is a crime that involves committing violence or threatening to commit violence against another person. Most North Carolina assault crimes are misdemeanors, and the severity of the punishment will depend on how seriously the victim was injured… Read More
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When is self-defense actually self-defense in NC?

Most people think that people are allowed to defend themselves any time they are attacked, assaulted, or provoked. Well, the law on self-defense in North Carolina says otherwise, and with good reasons too. Generally, you can defend yourself but the l… Read More
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